A Community Opportunity

We here at Modern Video Services are committed to supporting our local art community by offering the opportunity to hang your unique art here on our empty walls.  

Not only will we hang up your art, but we will also facilitate their actual sale to the people that are looking at and admiring them, too.  That’s right–let’s get your art seen by both our customers as well as those passing by our beach side office space!

What We're Offering

  1. Now accepting original, two dimensional, family friendly,  mountable works of art (weight restrictions may apply).
  2. There are no monthly fees–instead there is a 15% commission paid to MVS from the sale.
  3.  What the customer buys on the wall is what they take home.
  4. The artist does not have to be present to make the sale.
  5. There are no negotiations–what the artist sets as the price is what we will sell it for. 
  6. When you’re ready to start sharing your one-of-a-kind art with the world, please fill out the form on this page and submit for consideration. Then, if chosen, we will contact you to arrange the installation of your art at our office. GOOD LUCK!

Submission Form