Transfer Video

VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital Hi8, Audio Cassette, MiniDV, DVD, BetaMax, PAL VHS, HDV, MiniDVD

$0.25 / minute

Convert Audio

Audio Cassettes, Voicemail, Micro-Cassettes, Smartphone Recordings

$0.25 / minute

Scan Photos

Photographs (up to 8×10)


35mm slides

$0.25 / minute

Digitize Film

8mm and Super 8mm

(without sound)

$2.00 / minute

DVD\CD Duplication

$7.00 / label artwork

$5.00 / label text only

$2.00 / no label

Media Viewing

Preview at home then choose what you want to keep

$5.00 / tape previewed

$0.25 / kept minute

Cloud Sharing

Share your media with friends and family online and easy.

$6 / month 

$60 / year

Digital Editing

Combine, rearrange, and retouch your video, audio, and photos.

(no minimum)

$60 / hour

$1 / minute

Computer Training

Learn how to better use YOUR computer at home or at our office.

(no minimum)

$30 / hour

$1 / minute

CD Ripping

Copy your CD collection into the 21st century

$1 / disc

Slideshow Video

Montages are great ways to look back and share the memories with everyone!


100 images 

30 minutes of video transferred

10 minutes length typically

3 songs

1 hour of editing

Additional material added at normal editing and transferring rates

Pick Up & Delivery

Any size orders for one rate.

$15.00 one way $25.00 round trip

Podcast Recording

Record your video or audio podcast with us

$100.00 / Production Hour

Audio Reel to Reel

Transfer audio reel to reel to CD or any digital media format.

$1 / minute

More to come...

We are always looking to add to our list of services.  If you have something you need, let us know, we just might be able to do it.

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