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Audio Transferring
Audio Cassettes$0.25 per minute
Voicemail$0.25 per minute
Micro-Cassettes$0.25 per minute
Smartphone Recordings$0.25 per minute
Vinyl Record (78 rpm)$0.25 per minute
Vinyl Record (45 rpm)$0.25 per minute
Vinyl Record (33 rpm)$0.25 per minute
Reel to Reel Audio$1.00 per minute
Cloud Services
Private Web Page$6.00 per month
Private Web Page$60.00 per year
Online Preview (step 1)10%item viewed
Online Preview (step 2)100%rate of what is kept
DVD Copy (artwork)$7.00 per disc
DVD Copy (text only)$5.00 per disc
DVD Copy (no label)$2.00 per disc
CD Copy (artwork)$7.00 per disc
CD Copy (text only)$5.00 per disc
CD Copy (no label)$2.00 per disc
Editing Services
Video Edit Session$60.00 per hour
Audio Edit Session$60.00 per hour
Photo Edit Session$60.00 per hour
Video by the edit$1.00 per edit
Audio by the edit$1.00 per edit
Photo by the edit$1.00 per edit
Actor's Demo Reel$50.00 per package
Slideshow Video$200 per package
Scanning Services
35mm slides$0.25 per image
110 slides$0.25 per image
120 slides$0.25 per image
Photographs$0.25 per image
Documents$0.25 per image
Negatives$0.25 per image
8mm Film$2.00 per minute
Super 8mm Film$2.00 per minute
Video Production
Event Videography$600 First Camera
Event Videography$400 Per additional camera
Audio Syncronizing$5 Per track
Multi-Camera Editing$60 per hour
Video Transferring
VHS$0.25 per minute
VHS-C$0.25 per minute
Hi8$0.25 per minute
Digital Hi8$0.25 per minute
MiniDV$0.25 per minute
DVD$0.25 per minute
BetaMax$0.25 per minute
PAL VHS$0.25 per minute
HDV$0.25 per minute
MiniDVD$0.25 per minute