Digital media doesn’t last forever. But digital has an advantage of being copied easily and each copy you make resets the expiration date of the medium.

Plus, unlike video tapes, each copy you make of a digital format is an exact copy of the original. Keeping all this in mind, the advice we give at Modern Video Services is to have multiple copies in different formats in order to insure that your digital media stays around for centuries to come.

All of our DVDs have a plain white printable surfaces that we can print anything on. This way we can guarantee your discs will look great from now and into the future. We make sure that from start to finish, your DVD and CD duplicates are completed on time, are of the highest quality, and exceed your expectations.

If you have already made a transfer with us, but want more copies of the DVD or CD, we can do that.

Also, if you already have your own home DVD or CD and want more copies of them, we can do that, too.


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