Do you have photographs sitting in the attic or garage that need to be scanned to a CD, DVD, hard drive, your smart phone, or the web?

Modern Video Services offers the best photo scanning service in the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas. We do so by providing a knowledgeable staff supported by great equipment.  And we only charge per image scanned.  There are no bracket prices or minimum orders.

Our technicians take special care when handling all your precious memories.  There are no extra charges for odd sizes because if we can scan it, the cost is only $0.25 an image plus the cost of the final media.  We treat each image as if they were our own which includes a batch process of dusting, cropping and proper rotation of each image..  To ensure the most prompt service possible, please bring your entire collection to our office in the order you want them scanned.

Though photographs have a long lifespan, exposure to sunlight, excessive heat, or damp areas can expedite their deterioration.

We scan photographs up to 8 inches by 10 inches in size at a resolution of 600 dpi.  Each image can be saved into many different digital formats.  Such as JPG or TIFF; but we can also do other formats, just ask and we’ll let you if we can accommodate your digital file needs.

We only charge for what is scanned with no minimums, so if you only have a one photo, we only charge you for scanning one photo plus the cost of the final media. This process saves you money since you are only paying for what you are getting back, not for what price bracket you fit into nor at a fixed cost.

Take the time today to save your memories by scanning your photographs into easily share-able digital formats!